New updates and improvements of AVNU.

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Mainnet Launch

Mainnet Launch

We're thrilled to share the updates on AVNU's journey since our Mainnet Launch on 30th May. We've hit impressive milestones, integrated new features, and continue to grow our vibrant community.

Major Milestones 🚀

We launched the Alpha version of AVNU on 30th May and hit an incredible 10M$ trading volume in just 30 days!


As per Orbiter Research, AVNU is the most active dApp on Starknet mainnet in June.


Check it out!

Introducing the Leaderboard 🏆

Our first version of the Leaderboard has been released, gamifying the trading experience and adding an extra layer of fun to our community!


Check it out!

Trade Any Asset 💱

With AVNU, new tokens on Starknet mainnet are always at your fingertips. Our unique system scans all new pools, ensuring you can trade new tokens at the best prices instantly!

Your alpha platform is here. Just three clicks with our import token feature, and the magic of AVNU is yours to command.


Feature Updates 🛠️

  1. Braavos integrated AVNU into their dApp gallery, offering the best prices to their users. See more.

  2. We've translated AVNU dApp into the top 10 languages of the Starknet community.

  3. Introduced a friendly AVNU tour for new users.

  4. Enhanced the swap box with more pricing info.

  5. Congested network indication now alerts traders to network traffic.

  6. Added MEV protection label for Market Maker quotes (testnet).

  7. Supported Cairo 1.0 integration into Semgrep, contributing back to the ecosystem. Learn more.

Community and Events 🤝

  1. Partnered with Argent for our largest event to date, the XPlorer campaign. Details here.

  2. In collaboration with Argent & KasaarLabs, we awarded 3 Starknodes to lucky community members. Details here.

  3. Welcomed our new Discord moderators.

  4. Stay tuned for more community events soon!

Bugs and Fixes 🐛

  1. Fixed the "You saved X$" value in Swap confirmation.

  2. Divided Swap history between testnet and mainnet for clarity.

  3. Resolved wallet connection issues due to some ad blockers.

This thrilling start fuels our mission to become the leading trading platform on Starknet. We listen, improve, and deliver. More exciting updates coming soon!

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