Building the Exchange Infrastructure for Starknet

Delve into AVNU's milestones: major gas fee savings, superior trading innovations and more. Read the full story!

Release note

Oct 1st 2023

Building the Exchange Infrastructure for Starknet

Today marks an important milestone in our journey. Over the past 140 days, our community has witnessed AVNU transform, innovate, and lead the charge in shaping the trading landscape on Starknet. Let's take a look at our recent achievements and look forward to the future.

Achievements At-a-Glance


From challenging the status quo in spot efficiency on Starknet to leveling up the trading user experience, we've come a long way since our inception


Trailblazing Integrations

AVNU's leading-edge tech has seamlessly fused with industry pioneers

  • JediSwap
  • 10kSwap
  • MySwap
  • SithSwap
  • Ekubo
  • MySwap CL
  • …and we're not stopping there!

Our in-house solvers consistently adjust to both market and network dynamics, ensuring our traders can always

Trade in size and get the most value for your buck!

Recent Partnerships

Our expertise has attracted market leaders:

  • Argent: the largest wallet on Starknet, now offers its users the Best Execution by seamlessly integrating AVNU into their native wallet's swap feature: Check it out!


  • Rango: one of the biggest cross-chain Empowering cross-chain swaps on Starknet.


  • And, a lot of upcoming integrations: Stay tuned!

These strong partnerships testify to AVNU's central leading position in the Starknet ecosystem, reflecting a unanimous recognition of our platform's capabilities and potential.

They also demonstrate a strong desire from key players in our industry to enhance the trading experience. When it comes to seeking superior trading solutions, these industry leaders choose AVNU, underscoring our platform's reliability and innovation

Feature Rollout: All About Enhancements!

Trader Protection

  • Say hello to the Degen mode, making trading safer and more intuitive.

User Preferences

Your preferences are now stored and customizable!


Optimized Solvers & Heuristics

  • Stealth improvements for smarter, efficient routing.
  • On-going simulations. We recently added an ongoing monitoring solutions system for every quote we build. This will allow us to proactively identify areas of improvement. So far, we can tell one measure: AVNU has the lowest failed simulation rates on Starknet.

Performance Boost

  • Fewer rejected trades, a more seamless trading experience.

Such improvements not only enhance performance but also considerably reduce trade time and gas costs, a win-win for our traders.

Gas Fees and Performance optimization

Gas Fees

Our latest innovations have led to an average reduction of 20% in gas fees for complex routing trades.


Today, AVNU APIs serve on a daily basis between 5 to 8M quotes. With partners leveraging AVNU more and more, it’s crucial to scale while preserving the same level of performance. Well, we drastically improved them to provide an even faster experience.


Path to Sustainability

Our commitment to you, our traders, is unwavering. To ensure we keep delivering top-tier service and remain sustainable, we're introducing a modest service fee. While AVNU leads in democratizing arbitrage and ensuring you get the value you deserve, this small fee will open a path to self-sustainability to the protocol:

  • 0.02% (2 BPS) for direct routes (which represents ~98% of AVNU trades)
  • 0.15% (15 BPS) otherwise

AVNU continues to be a symbol for cost-effective and efficient trading on Starknet. This commitment to value, coupled with some of the industry's lowest service fees, underscores our dedication to you.

Charting the Future

We're not resting on our laurels. And, we're excited to give you a glimpse of what we have in store:

  • RFQ and Market Makers
  • An unparalleled Starknet experience πŸ‘€
  • Impulse
  • Limit Orders
  • Ongoing optimizations

The upcoming features and optimizations are just the beginning, we're also introducing the AVNU Working Group

Introducing the AVNU Working Group

The β€œWorking Group” is a collective of AVNU's most passionate early supporters. At AVNU, we're fervently driving towards a decentralized future, ensuring every element – from solvers to decision-making – aligns with this ethos.

In line with this commitment, we're initiating this exclusive group. Comprising 20 active members from our community, individuals who have not just used AVNU but have championed its cause across platforms. In the upcoming weeks, we plan to release a public form for community members who wish to be more actively involved in this journey.

With 3.1 million trades and $700M trading volume in merely 5 months, AVNU is shaping Starknet's liquidity landscape. As a member, anticipate early access, beta-testing privileges, and a crucial role in AVNU's decentralized journey.

Your feedback and vision fuel our evolution. Join us, and be at the heart of this transformative phase.

Your trust fuels our progress. Thank you for being a part of AVNU's exciting journey. Onwards and upwards!

Team AVNU πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

Mentor Reka


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